red and black

i will place the ribbon
around the tree you used to climb
that grew up around you,
shared the wonders i see
in front of our home
you came to life
through seasons change
and memories created
where our love for you multiplied
this is for you
for all seniors
my heart is sad with you
2020 is strong, fierce and brave
this is how i choose
to remember you
no gift could replace what was taken
but your presence is valuable
your being in the world, essential
you stand here before us
a part of history
treasure this
you have grown more in recent weeks
than before March 13
no lesson is comparable
you will prosper
you will soar
you will shine
i salute you class of 2020
your footprints will stay visible forever


Writer’s note: This poem was written to honor the seniors of Maine South High School where my daughter is a senior.



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